A honeymoon in Miami

Make your dreams come true or make your dreams come true! Miami is undoubtedly the place in Sunshine State that welcomes the most lovebirds. Come to celebrate their wedding or to renew their vows, countless couples take pleasure in walking through the shops during the day and in the evening, strolling along Ocean Drive.

 couple in honeymoon

Romantic Prelude to Miami

Whether from the top of the top roof of your 4-star hotel or tenderly embraced on the beach, there are plenty of places and opportunities for two to bubble. Admire the rising sun over the Everglades or the benevolent moon, pointing over the ocean… Miami does not deny its fame and has everything of a great.

Magical, romantic and attractive at the same time, the city offers many places to visit, plans and romantic activities to wish for. For a fabulous stay, lovers have plenty of choice to plan a nice program and book a beautiful hotel in Miami.

Cultural tours

To start your stay in Miami, the history of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens will enchant you! You and your loved one will admire Italian romantic art from the Renaissance period. An escape into the architectural gardens and into this sumptuous mansion is worth a visit. In Coral Gables, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, you can admire rare flower and plant species.

Just like during your stay in Miami, if you fall right in the middle of the first Friday of the month, don’t miss the visit of the Observatory! You will emerge with your eyes full of stars from the Miami Science Museum after scanning the constellations.

Wellness for two

Whether you choose the best massage or specific wellness moments, Miami is the place to relax. During your stay in Miami, the undisputed queen of Florida, you can eat healthy or practice yoga as you wish. As a duo, to enjoy treatments and therapies in the institute, there are many spa addresses.

Romantic flight into the skies

Even higher up in the air, you and your partner will enjoy escaping Miami’s hectic dynamism. For a few hours, by helicopter or hot air balloon, you will discover the beauty of Miami from above. During your stay in Miami, especially if it is short, your pilot guide will show you and explain the main spots to see.

The cruise is having fun

Among the most highly rated in the world, the Port of Miami offers a very diversified anchorage. In an exclusive location, you will have the opportunity to offer your sweetheart a romantic dinner with champagne. Just as, if she wishes, you can set sail for a water adventure. Visit Bayside Marketplace or one of the many marinas.

Panoramic hours

At the end of the day or at the end of your stay in Miami, you will slowly recover from the dizzying din of Miami by landing on the roof of one of these skycrappers. While admiring the 360° view, unfolding before your eyes, sip in all serenity a cocktail of love or an aphrodisiac potion… that will make you take off!

Stroll along the beach

For the final touch of a candlelit dinner? Your stay in Miami would not be perfect without a romantic walk, hand in hand, on the beach. You will admire the sunset, enjoy the warmth of the warm sand and the soft murmur of the waves. Choose South Beach or to stay in tranquility, Key Biscayne or Sunny Isle Beach!